Because dates only ripen at temperatures between 87?-96? F, the raw substance for this balsamic specialty comes from the Near East. This is where the ?real" date palm originates and the best quality of fruits are produced. Within a short time, Date Balsamic Star has become a bestseller among VOM FASS' Star products. The vinegar obtained from date wine is enriched with date juice concentrate until its acidity level is only 3% -- a unique product that need not fear comparison with the matured Aceto Balsamicos!

PAIRS WITH:  Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, FassZination Almond Oil, FassZination Walnut Oil, FassZination Hazelnut Oil, Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

ACIDITY:  approx. 3%

PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Waldburg, Germany

COMPOSITION:  Specialty from concentrated date juice and date vinegar.

TASTE:  Rich fruit aromas, a viscid consistency, and a pleasant acidity.

USES:  Perfect as a base for salad dressings, as well as for tomato sauces and even desserts, such as ice cream or Camembert cheese. Also good in a marinade for red meat or game and on grilled vegetables, meat, or seafood, such as king prawns.



2 Stars Superior Taste Award-International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)

Gold medal-DLG (German agriculture society)

Date Balsamic Star (£6.00 - £38.25)

  • IGP = Protected Geographical Indication