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The first VomFASS UK store opened over 5 years ago, and has been thriving ever since. Located in the heart of Milton Keynes, we're Britain's favourite for premium oils and vinegars. We also host exciting events and cocktail tasting experiences; get in touch now for more info! In 2023 we opened our second UK store in Stamford and have plans to expand our presence! For contact details and directions, visit our Contact Us page.

The Vom Fass UK Milton Keynes store


In the picturesque village of Waldburg, Germany, the Kiderlen family began importing wine from South Tyrol, Italy in the early 1960’s. Twenty-five years later, the family acquired a wine business in Biberach, Germany. During this time, Johannes Kiderlen, had begun studying Beverage Technologies and subsequently took over the reins of the family’s import business. In one of his first orders, the inexperienced Johannes mistakenly requested a huge bulk order of sherry – leaving Johannes with two options: throw away much of the sherry, or bottle it. His intuitive solution was to fill some old casks with the sherry and advertise locally for customers to bring in their own bottle and fill it ‘from the cask.

Waldburg castle

The startling success of the ‘from the cask’ concept prompted Johannes to reorganize the business – focusing on five key components: fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, selected wines, outstanding liqueurs and unique spirits – all chosen based on Johannes’ uncompromising standards of quality.


Section of one of our stores

The eminent mission of VOM FASS is accomplished through establishing and nurturing close relationships with the growers and producers of the highest quality products – from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean. These producers, often multi-generational family businesses like VOM FASS, follow strict guidelines for careful cultivation and harvesting natural methods with a strong emphasis on land stewardship, current growing conditions, maturation periods and extraction methods. Once these standards are met, the products are sealed in patented, airtight containers and shipped fresh from around the world, ensuring they never come in contact with air or sunlight until the moment of tasting or bottling so that they are truly fresh every day. All VOM FASS products truly do have a unique and interesting story behind them. VOM FASS is actively involved with sourcing fair-trade products, planting trees, recycling bottles and support social projects such as PREDA.

VOM FASS also continues to produce award-winning products and obtains Franchise awards. VOM FASS has become one of the most successful franchise systems in Germany, where it is ranked among the Top 30 Franchise and is considered one of the main trendsetters in the beverages sector and trade. When you enter a VOM FASS shop, you become a taste explorer. Embrace the spirit of discovery, and discover the perfect ingredients to take your meals, beverages and even desserts to new heights. Share your discoveries and create new food memories that will last forever and will bring pleasure to your life with family and friends.


The first VOM FASS store opened on March 23, 1994 in Regensburg, Germany. In the years since, VOM FASS has grown from a local retailer, in a small German city, to an international enterprise with nearly 300 stores worldwide. VOM FASS is now the premier leader in offering a unique culinary tasting experience, with exceptional products and extraordinary customer service.

The concept of dispensing tastes and samples of these exquisite products allows customers to sample and buy as much as they desire. Johannes’ unique original concept, practical experience, and personal standards, became the foundation of the company’s guiding objective – “Only the best, always.”

Where Vom Fass began


Our founders

We inspire with our outstanding products, qualified partners and an exceptional sales system. Regional focus, constant optimization and responsibility for our environment are the basis of our actions. Our customers choose individual quantities for themselves or as a gift. In business and at home the following applies: “LOOK, TASTE, ENJOY” – VOM FASS always inspires.

Healthy nutrition for the whole family is becoming increasingly important. Conscious consumers value the quality and origin of the food and receive the best quality goods from VOM FASS. We make sure that our products meet the high demands of a balanced diet. In the VOM FASS shop, the goods can also be tried before purchase and filled in as needed. Warm and competent advice is the best way to turn interested customers into regular customers. In the VOM FASS shops, the customer always has the certainty of getting fresh and first-class goods.

Man Holding Olives


There is probably no company in this industry in Germany that has received as many awards, awards, gold and silver medals as VOM FASS AG. The products are great. Or as the top-class jury of the Future Trade Award 2010 stated: “VOM FASS AG is characterized by the high level of product quality and all manufacturing processes as well as the regional orientation in the selection of producers”.

Pride and recognition from outside is one thing. The other is the “hard” work behind it. The VOM FASS range comprises around 500 products. When we talk about “hard” work, we mean the many small pieces of the mosaic without which no delicacies are possible: planning, development, cultivation, production, storage, product innovation, in-house manufacture, intensive discussions with top producers worldwide, quality check , … and much more.

The task list is very long. For example, the Kiderlens have reserved and secured numerous apple tree plantations in the best regional location for years to come. Foresight for a successful future is also part of it. The top growing areas or the years of storage of the multiple award-winning balms are just two of countless examples.

The employees and management of the franchise headquarters in Waldburg can be proud of this. Yes, the franchisees are also happy about the excellent range. Because excellent products can be sold much better. This is not only good for the sales of every single VOM FASS business, it also strengthens the brand. Especially when customers praise the enjoyment of the products in the
on-site discussions and all say: “At VOM FASS I get excellent and exceptionally tasty products. And at a fair price.” This is roughly the personal opinion of numerous customers. And because the price and excellent quality at VOM FASS are right, several hundred thousand customers visit the specialist shops every year.

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