The Calamansi, also known as the Calamondin orange, is mainly cultivated in the Philippines today. It looks like a miniature tangerine when fully ripe but is often seen and used in its unripened green state. It descends from the mandarin orange. Upon tasting, your nose is filled with the tart-acidic aromas of mandarin orange with hints of lime. Add a few drops of this fair-trade balsam to fish, chicken, or salads, or use in light sauces to give your cuisine a gold star. Fair Trade.


PAIRS WITH:  Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, any VOM FASS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, FassZination Sesame Oil, FassZination Walnut Oil, and Black Cumin Oil.


ACIDITY:  7.00%


PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Waldburg, Germany


COMPOSITION:  Vinegar specialty from brandy vinegar and 40% calamansi juice.


TASTE:  This lemon-colored balsam is both sweet and sour with a unique citric zing and light hints of mint.


USES:  We recommend using Calamansi for marinating fish and other seafood. It's also amazing when mixed with mineral water or in a gin and tonic!

Delicious on green salads and fruit salads and in cocktails.





2 Stars Superior Taste Award-International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)

Calamansi (Lime) Balsamic Vinegar (£4.00 - £25.50)

  • IGP = Protected Geographical Indication