Chilli Oil, Mango Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic Gift bottles

Chilli Oil

Organic sunflower oil (high oleic) with natural aroma

Mango Balsamic

Vinegar specialty from brandy vinegar (60%) and mango puree (28%); 6% acidity

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

Vinegar specialty of raspberry vinegar and concentrated raspberry juice; 6% acidity


Product description

Surprise Your Significant Other In 5 Minutes Without Breaking The Bank Or Increasing Your Waistline!

What if your food was as tasty as the meals prepared by High Street Chefs for top restaurants?

When you apply our flavoured Oil or Balsamic Vinegars to your cooking achieve results that will make you the center of attention. You won’t be tired of hearing compliments!

Our Chili Oil starts with a special high-oleic sunflower oil, infused with the subtle heat of chilies. It displays a sweet, fruity aroma.

Use it for frying, grilling, roasting or vegetable marinade.

The Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar is made from raspberry vinegar and concentrated raspberry juice (6% acidity).

Gently and naturally water is drained, to form the raspberry balsamic aromatic basis. This flavorful vinegar can be used for sauces, salads and marinades.

The Mango Balsamic is vinegar specialty made from brandy vinegar (60%) and mango puree (28%). Has 6% acidity.

We use Carabao Mango variety collected in the Philippines, processed into an incomparable fruit puree. Our fair-trade mangoes come from the tropical island of Cebu to create a fresh, fruity sensation. It works beautifully with poultry, wok dishes and salad. Try it paired with our Chili Oil in stir fry or as a dip.

Every great chef knows that even simple recipes provide superior results with high-quality ingredients. If you need to surprise newlyweds with unforgettable gifts – and be remembered- or gain the trust of your significant other for superior taste, cook with our products.

You can look forward into creating a Sichuan-style wonton, an exotic treat that will fuel your day. Or make a simple salad special by indulging in our raspberry vinegar.

Don’t forget that taste can be part of a high-quality diet strategy- you just need to know how!

Surprise your friends with these gift bottles and create an unforgettable memory, or take out a piece of paper and make your meal plan for the week. Today’s the day!

P.S. Want more ideas? Check out our website for dozens of new and exciting recipes to incorporate into your meal planning!

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