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  1. Genuine Jamaica Rum
    After the distillation this rum matured for at least one year in wooden casks. This maturing aids the rum to free its exciting character. Learn More
  2. Barbados Rum X.O., 8 years
    Perfect for cocktails or on its own. Learn More
  3. Dominican Republic Rum Liqueur
    This single estate rum, which was chosen as the base for this very special spiced rum, was matured for seven years and partly comes from a solera. This high quality spirit has been refined by a wonderful aroma, which was created by the gentle maceration of the finest peel from seville oranges. Learn More
  4. Coconut Spiced Rum Liqueur
    This aromatic coconut spiced rum liqueur is make using a rum from the Dominican Republic. The rum was allowed to mature in a. solera. This liqueur combines the wonderful aromas of vanilla and coconut, and guarantees a unique taste experience. A gourmet delight for rum-lovers and liqueur lovers alike. Learn More
  5. Panama Spiced Rum
    This Spiced Rum, which is made from a five year old single estate Panama rum and extracts of the finest vanilla, cinnamon and the subtlest hint of cloves is and absolute revelation as a cocktail ingredient but also of course suitable as a real treat on its own - ideally on the rocks! Contains flavouring and caramel colouring Learn More
  6. Gift stack of three Rums

    Cuba Rum, 5 years, 43% Vol. Distillery Cubay- Ronera Central Barbados Rum X.O., West Indies Distillery, Avg. 8 years, 40% Vol. Genuine Jamaica Rum, 40% Vol., Matured in wooden casks Learn More
  7. Barbados Rum Single Heart Bottle

    Barbados Rum Single Heart Bottle Perfect Valentines Gift Learn More
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Authenticity and quality are top priority at VOM FASS! We offer a diverse selection of fine spirits and unique liqueurs made by small artisan producers from around the world. We also feature liqueurs produced in the U.S. by Yahara Bay Distillers in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit our store to sample any of the world's finest whiskey, grappa, gin, rum, brandy, absinthe, and armagnac. Come explore our expansive array of impeccable flavored liqueurs - nut chocolate, latte macchiatto, ginger, piña colada, lime or lemoncello - just to name a few!