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  1. Brandy Riserva Speciale, 20 years
    Italian brandy may not be the most popular spirit at the moment, but we ask ourselves "Why?" So many people are missing out on it! Learn More
  2. Cerises Rouge - Cherry Brandy Liqueur
    This deep red fruit liqueur with a base of cherry brandy has an intense ripe cherry flavor and a robust character. Learn More
  3. Calvados Reserve V.S.O.P., 4 years
    The subtle quality of the Calvados Reserve is hardly surprising after four years in an oak cask. Learn More
  4. Cognac X.O., Premier Cru de Cognac, 20 years
    Cognac X.O. VOM FASS is qualified as digéstif, with a good cigar or as termination of a beautiful day. Learn More
  5. Cognac Cuvée Paradis, Premier Cru de Cognac, 40-50 years
    Enjoy this outstanding and remarkable spirit! Learn More
  6. Gift stack of three fine brandy’s

    Brandy “Riserva” Speciale,Italy, 40% Vol.,20 Years matured in wooden casks Calvados Napoleon, 25 years, 40% Vol. Armagnac X.O., 40% Vol Learn More
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6 Item(s)

Authenticity and quality are top priority at VOM FASS! We offer a diverse selection of fine spirits and unique liqueurs made by small artisan producers from around the world. We also feature liqueurs produced in the U.S. by Yahara Bay Distillers in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit our store to sample any of the world's finest whiskey, grappa, gin, rum, brandy, absinthe, and armagnac. Come explore our expansive array of impeccable flavored liqueurs - nut chocolate, latte macchiatto, ginger, piña colada, lime or lemoncello - just to name a few!