Pomegranates have had a variety of uses for thousands of years. We've created a very fruity and balanced balsamic vinegar that is delicious when used with nut oils to create exquisite dressings and marinades.

PAIRS WITH: Any VOM FASS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, FassZination Hazelnut Oil, FassZination Cedar Nut Oil, FassZination Walnut Oil, FassZination Argan Oil.
ACIDITY: 6.00%
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Waldburg, Germany
COMPOSITION: Vinegar specialty from pomegranate vinegar and concentrated pomegranate juice.
TASTE: Light, with a pleasant acidity. The natural color
and flavor of pomegranates are embodied in
this fruity vinegar specialty.
USES: Try with different nut oils to dress pungent leafy salads and salads with nuts as an ingredient. Also for marinating lamb and beef, preparing sauces, and with water as a refreshing drink.
AWARDS: Gold medal-DLG (German agriculture society)
INGREDIENTS: Pomegranate vinegar, concentrated pomegranate juice, sugar, natural flavor.

Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar (£4.00 - £25.50)

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