Asian cuisine is already quite popular. Meet the occasion by bringing a basic component of Asian meals into your home: ginger. Unfortunately, it isn?t possible to prepare vinegar from ginger in a natural way; for this reason, we began a search for the best ?vinegar partner? to match the ginger taste. What we found became our Ginger-Grape Balsamic Vinegar.


PAIRS WITH:  Peanut Oil, FassZination Sesame Oil, Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


ACIDITY:  5.50%


PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Waldburg, Germany


COMPOSITION:  Vinegar specialty from grape vinegar and concentrated grape juice with extracts of lemon and ginger.


TASTE:  The sweetness and the aroma of grapes harmonize perfectly with the astringency and tartness of ginger.


USES:  Salmon, sweet and sour vegetable stews, Asian cuisine, chicken, or white fish.




Ginger-Grape Balsamic Vinegar (£3.50 - £22.31)

  • IGP = Protected Geographical Indication