Vanilla Crescents Cream Liqueur 16% Vol.

This delicious cream liqueur contains everything that you love about freshly baked vanilla crescents: dreamy taste of bourbon vanilla and hazelnuts. You can enjoy the vanilla crescents cream liqueur chilled and neat, but it is also excellently suited as a finishing touch for ice cream and fine dessert.


Whisky Cream Liqueur 17% Vol.

Enjoy it pure, 'on the rocks' or as companion to coffee or sweets


Chocolate liqueur with rum 17% Vol.

This specialty is handmade exclusively for Vom Fass. The flavour of the finest cacao with hints of rum gives this exquisite liqueur its richness. Enjoy it pure with ice, cake or pudding or slightly heated with some whipped cream.

Gift stack of three cream liqueurs.

  • 3 x 100 ml