This delicate gourmet vinegar made from concentrated fig juice and fig vinegar obtains its special pungency from the extract of selected chilies. Our sweet-sour creation is created in our very own vinegar factory in Waldburg. It is excellent for barbecues, marinades (dark meat), and Asian cuisines. Use our Fig Chili Balsam Vinegar as a dip for spring and autumn rolls or meat fondue. It is also delicious to refine salads and sauces or give fruit and vegetable chutneys an aromatically spicy flavor!


PAIRS WITH:  Any VOM FASS Extra Virgin Olive Oil


ACIDITY:  approx. 3%


PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Waldburg, Germany


COMPOSITION:  Specialty from concentrated fig juice, fig vinegar, and chili extract.


TASTE:  Full-bodied, sweet and sour taste.


USES:  Perfect for meats, marinades, sauces, and salads.




Fig-Chili Balsamic Vinegar (£6.00 - £38.25)

  • IGP = Protected Geographical Indication