One of the favourite wines in the VOM FASS range.

This red wine drop is extremely fruity, yet soft and not too heavy. A must for all Merlot lovers! A red wine that goes very well with roasted or grilled poultry and hearty casseroles.

The Bidoli winery was founded in 1924, it is located in Friuli, near the town of San Daniele, so well-known for its ham. The company is managed today by Margherita Bidoli (sales and marketing) and her brother Arrigo, who takes care of the winemaking and all technical matters. The company is now housed in an old brickworks that has been extensively converted and is technically perfectly equipped, which is reflected in the consistent and high product quality.

Production area
The 'Grave' in Friuli covers an area of ​​7000 hectares, where the Tagliamento river flows through the provinces of Udine and Pordenone. The region is characterized by stony, siliceous soil, which has positive properties for viticulture: during the day light and heat are reflected, necessary for the ripening of the grapes, at night the stored heat is emitted evenly. This is particularly important on late summer nights so that the grapes form a lot of aromatic substances.

Bidoli 2018 Merlot

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