Only the Best, Always!

Only the best alwaysThe eminent mission of VOM FASS is accomplished through establishing and nurturing close relationships with the growers and producers of the highest quality products - from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean. These producers, often multi-generational family businesses like VOM FASS, follow strict guidelines for careful cultivation and harvesting natural methods with a strong emphasis on land stewardship, current growing conditions, maturation periods and extraction methods. Once these standards are met, the products are sealed in patented, airtight containers and shipped fresh from around the world, ensuring they never come in contact with air or sunlight until the moment of tasting or bottling so that they are truly fresh every day. All VOM FASS products truly do have a unique and interesting story behind them. VOM FASS is actively involved with sourcing fair-trade products, planting trees, recycling bottles and support social projects such as PREDA. 

VOM FASS also continues to produce award-winning products and obtains Franchise awards. VOM FASS has become one of the most successful franchise systems in Germany, where it is ranked among the Top 30 Franchise and is considered one of the main trendsetters in the beverages sector and trade.

When you enter a VOM FASS shop, you become a taste explorer. Embrace the spirit of discovery, and discover the perfect ingredients to take your meals, beverages and even desserts to new heights. Share your discoveries and create new food memories that will last forever and will bring pleasure to your life with family and friends.